Random MP3 snippets

I indexed them because I'm nice.
  1. one of the earliest songs I made; I think I was like 17?
  2. the first actual piece of music I ever made, the ‘Ahib el-Mushman theme’ for a trashy QBasic game I made when I was 14
  3. Star-Horse theme featuring violin in the lead
  4. fiddling with the generic fantasy chords
  5. some sort of smug-ass theme
  6. ‘Biologi’
  7. bonus theme for the dormant DMG game project
  8. ‘This person consumed cannabis; shortly after he died, here is what his brain was like’
  9. weird canon (presumably in C, given the file name)
  10. I dreamt this
  11. also this
  12. fatass theme
  13. player's horse theme (DMG)
  14. probably some sort of nice event happening (DMG)
  15. ‘Lizard Village’ on piano and violin (and Mellotron for good measure)
  16. snippet of ‘Mahad’ recorded onto microcassette for Void knows what reason
  17. November theme (DMG)
  18. some Typhoon related event (DMG)
  19. Cockroach Kingdom (DMG)
  20. a malfunctioning/depressed/something robot (DMG)
  21. route theme (DMG)
  22. a segment of ‘Untss I’ with orchestral instruments; sounds like some sort of heroic theme now
  23. shore of Skagen
  24. Galta Spoubombark battle theme
  25. Star-Horse theme (DMG)
  26. Star-Horse theme, on straight up piano
  27. weird orchestral-ish stuff
  28. a fully synthesized rendition of a passage from ‘Penumbra’
  29. I used to make this kind of stuff when I was a teen
  30. another early song I made
  31. Toastbread's theme
  32. ditto, in DMG format
  33. yet another early song
  34. victory theme (DMG)
  35. village theme (DMG)
  36. waltz for something? (DMG)
  37. another victory theme (DMG)
  38. I randomly came up with this when doing the dishes.