MP3 snippets lying around on my server

Instead of cleaning them out, I indexed them. Probably so I can more easily share them with people for whatever goddamn reason I feel to share them. Or maybe so they can be navigated or something. Buggered if I know.
  1. The second song I ever composed
  2. Åsted Ådal theme?
  3. Weegee on adventure
  4. Abdolhafez and Faiz theme
  5. Snippet from ‘Why don't you all die’ from ‘Hizuroth’ album
  6. Snippet from ‘Winde’ (from ‘Hakenecho’ album) with acoustic instead of electric piano
  7. 8-bit Bob theme
  8. Redone ‘Decision’ (from ‘Polterguest’ album) the original had a horrible mix
  9. Snippet that never made it onto ‘Polterguest’
  10. ‘Rest in Peace’ aka ‘Night's Lullaby’ (from ‘Paragonzerfall’ album)
  11. Snippet of ‘Awakening the Snake King’ (from ‘...und das war's’ album) with an older bass mix with the bass emphasized
  12. Snippet of ‘Zorn’(from ‘Hakenecho’ album) with the trashy Super Mario World soundfont
  13. A shit-eatingly smug-sounding ditty
  14. ‘Biologi’
  15. This is what it sounds like when I temporarily run out of ideas
  16. 8-bit tentative bonus theme for ‘Not Scared’ on DMG
  17. ‘This is so boring’
  18. I have no idea where I was going with this
  19. ‘This person consumed cannabis, shortly after he died, here is what is brain was like’
  20. Alternative mix of the ‘Why don't you all die’ theme from ‘Hizuroth’ album
  21. ‘Typhoon's Curse’ theme from ‘Zorn’ (from ‘Hakenecho’ album)
  22. Something I dreamt once
  23. ‘Earth defeated’ theme from the ‘Cygnian Earth’ album demo
  24. ‘Plesiosaurs’ theme from ‘Mahad’ (from ‘...und das war's’ album) rendered in the despicable Super Mario World soundfont
  25. Another thing I dreamt
  26. Theme from ‘Awakening the Snake King’ (from ‘...und das war's’ album) rendered in the loathable Super Mario World soundfont
  27. Yet another thing I dreamt
  28. Same as above, rendered in 8-bit form for use as ending theme in ‘Not Scared’ on DMG
  29. Again same as above, shorter and stripped down to just piano, drums, and bass
  30. Demo of ‘End of Time’ from ‘Hizuroth’ album
  31. Fitting theme for a fatass
  32. 8-bit tentative ‘machine fixed’ theme for ‘Not Scared’ on DMG
  33. Brother Fish's theme (from ‘...und das war's’ album), except with chords from ‘La Folia’
  34. 8-bit tentative battle theme for ‘Not Scared’ on DMG
  35. Snippet of ‘End of Time’ from ‘Hizuroth’ album
  36. ‘Planting Forests’ theme from ‘Cygnian Earth’ album
  37. Fragment cut from ‘Untss’
  38. ‘Wild Seas’ theme from ‘Mahad’ (from ‘...und das war's’ album) rendered in the terrible Super Mario World soundfont
  39. Another snippet from ‘Hizuroth’ album
  40. Same as above, with more instruments
  41. Yet another snippet from ‘Hizuroth’ album
  42. An attempt at a heavier version of the ending of the ‘Uragan’ album
  43. Another snippet from ‘Hizuroth’ album
  44. ANOTHER another snippet from ‘Hizuroth’ album
  45. 8-bit version of Abdolhafez & Faiz theme to be used as horse theme in ‘Not Scared’ on DMG
  46. Zeerwak hunting song
  47. The imp march from ‘Heirazzin’ album
  48. Ishtamkhad theme, excerpted from ‘Penumbra’ album
  49. 8-bit unspecified theme for ‘Not Scared’ on DMG
  50. The first ever version of the ‘Waves’ theme from ‘Uragan’ album
  51. 8-bit unspecified theme for ‘Not Scared’ on DMG
  52. Older (?) version of the entire ‘Mahad’ song from ‘...und das war's’ album
  53. Snippet of ‘Mahad’, ostensibly orchestrated with MDK instruments
  54. Majim Hidran's theme
  55. Snippet of ‘Mahad’ recorded onto microcassette for god knows what reason
  56. Morshu MMMs a song for you
  57. An inexplicably untssy rendition of the Star-Horse theme
  58. ‘Eruption Chain’ theme from ‘Mahad’, rendered in the contemptible Super Mario World soundfont
  59. The bit of ‘November’ (from ‘November’ album, obviously) that was played on accordion
  60. 8-bit rendition of a theme from ‘November’, probably for use in the DMG ‘Not Scared’ thing
  61. The accordion bit of ‘November’ again?!
  62. The first half of the entire (!) Ni'andeisork Trilogy (50 minutes long!)
  63. The second half of the entire (!!) Ni'andeisork Trilogy (ditto!)
  64. The first ever version of Capt'n Toast's theme
  65. Three monsters play jazz together (this is the whole 15-minute song)
  66. Snippet from ‘End of Time’, probably an early mix
  67. Same as the above, but piano-only
  68. Cockroach Kingdom theme in 8 bits for ‘Not Scared’ for DMG
  69. Cockroach Kingdom theme in its full glory
  70. 8-bit "Electric Headache" theme from ‘Not Scared’
  71. 8-bit tentative route theme for ‘Not Scared’
  72. Segment of ‘Untss’ rendered orchestrally
  73. Entire first draft of ‘Sorshadben’ song (18 minutes!)
  74. Captain Toast's Crew theme as a full song
  75. Brother Fish's theme in the terrible horrible no good very bad Super Mario World soundfont
  76. Siqhidian Muhameran's theme on bass and two pianos
  77. Skagen theme?
  78. The spooooooky part of Brother Fish's song, before I canned the harpsichord and added the drums
  79. Early snippet from ‘Mahad’
  80. Some sort of dance song I made when I was bored
  81. I dreamt this
  82. The Star-Horse's theme in 8 bits for ‘Not Scared’
  83. Ditto, except just on piano
  84. I don't remember what I was gonna do with this
  85. The bit of ‘Trümmer’ I had stuck in my head for the longest time
  86. Weird synth rendition of ‘Memory of the Revolt’ from ‘Penumbra’ album
  87. Me giving a very brief rundown of the basics of subtractive synthesis
  88. The kind of stuff I composed as a teen; this particular song ended up used for the ‘Hizuroth’ album
  89. Another old song from my younger days
  90. Testing out a new drum plugin
  91. Snippet cut from ‘...und das war's’ album
  92. The same ‘ending theme’ from before, except in the exact way I dreamt it originally
  93. Capt'n Toast's theme
  94. Ditto, in 8 bits for ‘Not Scared’
  95. I don't know what to make of this yet
  96. Snippet from Brother Fish's song
  97. Another take on the spooky Brother Fish theme
  98. Yet another old song from my teenage years
  99. Typhoon's theme, excerpted from ‘Paragonzerfall’ album
  100. Much heavier and more properly intense version of Typhoon's theme
  101. Ditto, except without theremin
  102. Excerpt of that on song with the three monsters playing jazz
  103. That song with the monsters playing jazz, yet again, seemingly no different from earlier
  104. That part of ‘Zorn’ that I used to vent
  105. Tentative 8-bit major victory theme for ‘Not Scared’
  106. Tentative 8-bit village theme for ‘Not Scared’
  107. Siqhidian's villain theme, excerpted from an older mix of ‘Heirazzin’ album
  108. Some sort of 8-bit waltz, presumably for ‘Not Scared’
  109. Theme of the elderly Ni'andeisork's warning to Hizuroth, excerpted from ‘Hizuroth’ album
  110. The Star-Horse song
  111. 8-bit tentative minor victory theme for ‘Not Scared’
  112. YET ANOTHER snippet of that goddamned dream ending theme