This page is dedicated to my favourite typo, ‘shpoudl’.

I'm such big a fan of it that I [hastily] put together this page as testament to its greatness.

Facts about ‘shpoudl’

I bet your mother never told you this.

  • It's an erroneous awesome version of the word ‘should’; a typographical lapse perpetrated achieved by accidentally[citation needed] hitting the letter P (due to their close proximity) a splitsecond before letter O, and subsequently accidentally hitting D before L.
  • It is eerily widespread, as Google reveals.
  • It is achieved mainly (perhaps only) through blind typing.[citation needed]
  • Your father never informed you of this either.

    ‘Shpoudl’ on the wild wild webs

    I don't trust you to possess enough Internet skill to find these links on your own, so I helpfully provided them for your enjoyment. You may thank me any time you wish!

  • Mario Telephone—this is where I first found it back in 2002 (or was it 2001?)
  • Relevant googling/googlage/googlenheimer (whatever the noun form of the infamous verb form would happen to be)—in case thou werest too lazy to google it thyself.
  • Trying to trend it on Twatter—occasionally helped by well-meaning (but innocent) bystanders